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Jewelry Experience and Trust

Through the years, Sanchez-Hawkins Fine Jewelers served generations of families at it's original location in Wisconsin, and now they are providing their jewelry expertise directly to those in and around Lake Havasu City, AZ.
Erica and Steve, of Sanchez Hawkins Fine Jewelers, are service built business owners. Their accredited gem and diamond lab has the most sophisticated equipment available today, and their ability to create custom jewelry has earned them the loyalty of many customers and their families.
We've gathers information about diamonds, how to buy a diamond, and why we love emeralds in custom jewelry for you to read through.

Every Diamond Purchase is a Unique Experience

It doesn't matter if you're an experienced diamond buyer or just looking for your first engagement ring, here at Sanchez-Hawkins Fine Jewelers, we'll walk you through the process of selecting the right diamond.
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A Guide to Make You a Better Diamond Buyer

Let's explore what makes a diamond unique. Mother Nature gifted diamonds with a truly unique collection of physical and optical traits, but those traits are not revealed until a diamond is cut a certain way. How a diamond is cut is directly related to how beautiful it will look and the value that it will have. Of course, you have to judge a diamond's beauty for yourself rather than a diamond grading report...
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What Make Emeralds So Precious?

Take a look at our Emerald FAQ page.