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Custom Jewelry Design

Example of a Custom Ring Jewelry DesignDESIGNS BY

Why Choose Erica for Your Custom Jewely Design...

With Erica's experience as a gemologist, goldsmith, and award-winning designer she completely understand the big picture--how the piece will best come together and look. It can combine vintage and contemporary. It can tell you a story. You can collaborate with her and create a brand new, one-of-a-kind piece using the gemstones that you already own! ​​

Custom Jewelry Design

"From concept to creation the evolution of a piece of jewelry comes from a personal place... It is my desire to create emotion that you can wear... everything else is just jewelry."
—Erica Sanchez-Hawkins

1. The Process: Meet with Erica and bring your ideas. She will collaborate with you and start with a sketch.

2. The CAD: In the second part of the experience we will have a CAD image made, and you can come back and see this in 24-48 hours. Changes can be made throughout the process.

3. The wax: We can now use our new 3D wax printer and the wax should be ready to view in 2-3 days from the initial appointment. After the wax model is approved the piece will be cast in the gold of your choosing.

4. Cast, set, and finish/polish: for numerous reasons our casting is done off-site. This better serves our clients and keep costs down.

5. Delivery: the final and most exciting part. Besides its unveiling, each custom piece comes with a statement of replacement cost document for your insurance company, and all docs and are also given on a flash drive for easy reference.

Please review our Warranty terms for Custom Design.



  • Goldsmith, Platinumsmith, Silversmith, Stone Setter
  • G.I.A. Graduate Gemologist (GG), since 1999
  • Full Member of National Association of Jewelry Appraisers, since 2009
  • 2015 International Award Winning Designer - Centurion