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Our Jewelry Services

Sanchez-Hawkins Fine Jewelers is proud to provide a variety of services to meet all your jewelry needs. From the beginning, service has been at the heart of who we are. We hope you will always be pleasantly surprised at how we enjoy serving you!
Expert Jewelry Repairs
At Sanchez-Hawkins Fine Jewelers, we provide expert repairs and restoration which is done in our shop. Additionally, we have the latest technologies including a laser welder in our shop to complete even the most difficult and detailed of repairs. From stone setting to fabrication we can assist you with all aspects of jewelry repair. Lost one of a pair of treasured earrings? No problem. Stop by with the surviving earring and we can design one to match. Have a damaged ring? Let us make it look like new again. Our goal is to have your jewelry back to you as quickly as possible. Our turn-around time can often be completed within 7 to 10 days and even sooner in some cases. Click the button below to learn more about the repair services that we provide.
Jewelry Services
Microscopic Diamond Imaging
To help our guests see a completed repair that they otherwise could not see, we use a microscope camera and send the images to a large computer monitor. We capture the image for your records and satisfaction.
We also use our very high-powered microscope that enables us to focus in on any identifying characteristic inside your diamond, no matter how small, and capture a picture of it, thereby assuring our customer that they are getting their same diamond back after repairs are made on their ring.
This is also great for accurate appraisals. This tool allows a customer to see inside their diamond in detail. (Note the "tadpole shape" in the diamond in the photo to the left, that would not otherwise be visible to the naked eye.
Jewelry Services
Jewelry Appraisals
Jewelry is recognized as transparent wealth. Seldom do we realize how inflation has impacted the current value of jewelry. That said, is your appraisal current and are you 100% covered? When you lose or damage a piece of jewelry, you lose something both valuable and sentimental. With proper documentation, the piece can be restored or replaced. Click the button below to learn more about our appraisal services.
Jewelry Services
Get expert advice from our jewelry specialists!