If you can dream
it, we can design it, 
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Steve & Erica

Design Jewelry with Confidence

Even if you are a thousand miles away, creating your “dream” piece of jewelry is a step by step collaboration between yourself and Erica, an expert, award winning designer as well as an expert jeweler. As a jeweler (goldsmith), Erica understands fully how a design will function. Together, your ideas and her experience assure the highest degree of satisfaction, and with today’s technologies we can satisfy anyone, anywhere.  

Step 1 ~ Start With An Idea

Your idea or concept---picture or drawing---is refined in stages, one step at a time to create your ideal piece; be it a ring, pendant, earring, or bracelet.​​

Step 2 ~ Create A Model

Once we have an agreement on the design, we’ll produce a CAD model rendering. We email all these images back and forth with Erica’s guidance and input throughout the process. These models disclose every last detail, such as size and number of gemstones, widths and weights, etc. Once you’re satisfied, we will grow a wax model.

Step 3 ~ Cast, Finish and Set

Our skilled craftsmen will cast and finish your piece to Erica’s precise standards.  Each diamond or gemstone we put in your piece has been carefully selected.  We are insistent about using completely colorless, VS clarity, ideal cut diamonds regardless of size – and boy, what a difference it makes in the finished piece!  We are one of the few jewelers who place great importance on this often-overlooked detail.  

Step 4 ~ Delivery

Upon completion we will notify you that your piece has been completed.  If you are from a distant location, we will ship it overnight via FedEx or USPS insured.  Your piece will be accompanied with the most sophisticated and detailed Statement of Replacement Cost in the industry, supplied for your protection.
When you choose Sanchez Hawkins as your custom jeweler, you are also choosing the best performing diamonds in the world. We use only AGS IDEAL cut diamonds. Your custom design will have an unmatched look for brilliance and WOW!  When someone looks at one of our custom pieces, they will see the Sanchez-Hawkins Difference!  

Choosing Sanchez Hawkins and working with Erica allows you to work with someone whose credentials have been obtained by only 80 other jewelers in all North America. She is a true jeweler extraordinaire, a jewelry PHD. Call us and put her on your team!

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